Here at Novello Skin we provide a wide variety of treatments and products to our clients, among which we are proud to offer HL peels.

Each HL peel is formulated with pure botanicals to achieve the uttermost benefits through the right blending techniques of various concentrations of the natural extracts such as sugar cane, orange, lemon and bilberry extracts with key active ingredients.

A tailored aesthetic treatment, using HL chemical peels and complimentary formulations will ensure the desired results and effectively improve all skin conditions and safely insure:

  • A renewed, restored and re-balanced complexion with an improved cellular turn over
  • Age and photo-damage signs are minimized; spots fade and wrinkles are reduced
  • Fresh, clean and clear complexions, free of breakouts and oily shine.
  • A firmer, more uniform and smooth skin tone and texture
  • the overall aesthetics is rejuvenated, less prone to premature age signs and better protected from environmental and biological stress

HL peels unique Ultra Multi Fruit Blend based on 5 natural, key acids: glycolic, lactic, citric, malic and tartaric is further enriched with actives and extracts to formulate individual products that will target common skin conditions as well as challenging aesthetic problems.

These advanced blends assist professionals in the treatment of acne, hyper pigmentation, photo damage, age preventive and corrective, derma regenerative & rehabilitative programmes, and rejuvenation treatments.

HL Chemical Peels – Ultra Solutions for All Skin Types:

  • Alpha Complex Rapid Exfoliator
  • Age Control Super Lift
  • A – Nox Pro Balancing Exfoliator
  • Alpha-Beta & Retinol Peeling Gel
  • eyelight Ultra Refine Exfoliator