Thread spider veins

Microsclerothtrapy is a safe and effective treatment for threads veins and spider veins. The prevalence of thread spider veins among adult is over 50% and particularly affects women. They are generally on the legs, but they can be also on the face, arms, neck and other areas.

Practiced for several years in Europe, many doctors and nurses have received theoretical and practical training about this treatment against thread spider veins.

Thanks to our manual and class, you can now you train yourself for your treatment. With only a tiny needle, this thread spider vein treatment is not painful. Your thread spider veins disappear from 60% to 80% at 12 weeks. It is why it takes 1 to 4 treatments to see the results on your thread spider veins.

This treatment does not prevent other thread spider veins from appearing, but on the thread spider veins treated, most people need a top up session of treatment only every 2 or 3 years.


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