Advanced facial with Natural peel

Advanced facial with Natural peel

(All skin types)

Every day we are affected by stress caused by environmental factors or internal causes such as metabolism imbalance, which breaks down the skin’s natural defenses.

Gently clean skin is aimed for all skin types, it is designed to clean, disinfect, and refresh the skin. Antiseptic conditioning is provided in order to deeply cleanse the skin. A special facial lotion is applied to open the pores, flush away dirt and bacteria and prepare your skin for a professional deep cleaning. The aesthetics of the skin will be greatly improved with consistent and gentle exfoliation, stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process. The final result will be brighter, more beautiful skin with increased elasticity and vitality.

This treatment is intended to be administered on a monthly basis, and does not require the use of steam.

This treatment helps to assess quality and problems of skin but also prepare skin to accept the next treatment, which will depend on the skin condition.

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All skin types need cleansing before any beauty treatment is begun.

Cleansing has the important function of removing foreign particles, dust curls and dead skin which is shed by the body from time to time (once every 28 days approximately). This would also often contain bacteria and other micro organisms that come from the sweat, skin cells, tears, mucous, saliva

With dry skin, cleansing should be gentle enough to remove all foreign particles, dust and sweat without losing the essential oils and sebum to the cleansing agent. When this happens, the skin dries out prematurely and gets itchy and irritable, or worse, starts to burn.The prerogative of cleansing oily skin is to reduce the oil producing tendency. For this, the cleansing should be done with a potent agent, but not something that is as abrasive as an astringent as this causes the oil glands to work extra hard as soon as the effect of the astringent wears off. This only turns into a vicious cycle. The motive should instead be to remove the dirt and grime from the pores of the skin and the surface so that the combination of sweat and dirt do not turn into a layer of toxic substances that cause pimples. Then the pores can breathe easy.

Handling cleansing activity of combination skin type is a deal trickier. Those with combination skins tend to have an oily T-zone. This area, therefore, has to be targeted and gentle exfoliation has to be carried out according to the thickness and type of the skin and site.

Exfoliation is the process of gently scraping away the dead cells on the skin in slow, circular motions. It assumes such great importance because it prepares the skin for the next treatment like face-masks or massage. The consequent treatment would depend on the type of skin.

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