Age Control

Age Control

Skin ageing is the most common of all skin problems. Ageing skin sags and makes the face look pale and dull. While this is a process that is natural it can be delayed and in some cases reversed. If you thought ageing is a problem that has to do people who have crossed there 40’s then you are wrong. Skin ageing may start very early, as early as late 20’s. This happens because of prolonged exposure to sun, stress on our daily lives and emotional balance.

After menopause, the skin undergoes changes that include thinning, decrease in elasticity and wrinkle formation. This abrupt skin aging is the consequence of a lower production of collagen and elastin, the supportive and elastic proteins of the skin.

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Phytoestrogens — chemicals found in plants that may act like the estrogen produced naturally in the body. These plant estrogens are thousands of times weaker than natural estrogen, they preserves collagen content, elastic properties, and thickness of the skin in postmenopausal women. Since the results obtained with Phytoestrogens ingredients are very positive, we believe that the t of phytohormones can also fight some of the menopause-associated skin problems.

Our Age Control treatment is designed for mature and aging skin requiring the maximum levels of care.

Your therapy will consist of natural plant extracts, including Phytoestrogens derived from soybeans and wild yams, and Phytoproteins derived from wheat, soybeans, red sea algae, spirulina, clover, aloe vera, and green tea.

These natural extracts are used to support your natural levels of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, reduce the depth of wrinkles and increase the tone and hydration of the skin.

Your skin will be firmer and tighter, creating a radiant, youthful appearance.


Age Control treatment benefit:

  • A visible diminishing of existing age and stress signs such as expression lines, creases and wrinkles.
  • An increase in the production of collagen and elastin for a more supple, firm texture.
  • A significant lifting and “plumping” effect.

A well nourished and hydrated skin texture and less signs of hormonal imbalances characteristic of mature skin.


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