Lymphatic drainage and body contouring treatments

Lymphatic drainage and body contouring treatments

By combining various accessories STARVAC professional device stimulates blood and lymph circulation to assist the body in toxin elimination and subcutaneous tissue unblocking. It aims to aid lipolysis- the elimination of adipose deposits (fat cells) and remodel the body through skin texture and elasticity improvements.

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“Throughout the world medical professionals and beauticians use STARVAC appliances daily, bringing to you all the benefits of STARVAC technological experience.”

STARVAC has nearly 40 years’ experience in the fields of medicine, beauty care and physiotherapy. The innovatory products have been certified by international patents and allow Novello skin to bring effective results in the areas of health, beauty, anti-aging and well-being.

Using the palpate/roll technique helps to reduce and even to prevent the appearance of fat pockets, it is a complete body contouring. The fold of skin formed during procedure permits the breaking-down of sub-cutaneous fibrous tissue (fibrosis of the adipocytes, scar tissue adhesions) and encourages the elimination of waste products (fat cells, toxins) through natural channels by stimulating the venous-lymphatic system. This approach is indicated for cellulite, remodelling of body contours and facial anti-aging treatments in beauty domain and with therapeutic purpose for muscle massage

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