Skin boosters

Skin boosters

Skin boosting is a new and scientifically proven approach to skin hydration, improving of elasticity, texture and skin tone.

As Hyaluronic Acid based products, skin boosters have their special place between mesotherapy and dermal fillers and could be combined with other aesthetic treatments. Skin boosters restore skin hydro balance, improve skin elasticity and structure to create a fresh and natural look.

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Skin boosters are injected in micro-droplets in the superficial or mid-dermis, depending on manufacture. They could be used on the face, neck, décolletage and dorsum of the hands with hydrating and rejuvenation purpose.

Usually, the course of minimum 3 treatments is needed for good results with maintaining them through single injection session around every 6 months.

Combination therapies

Combining skin boosters with other aesthetic treatments can increase their results significantly. They are successfully used along with active skin care, micro-needling (Dermaroller), pigmentation and anti-wrinkle treatments. Especially, skin boosters in conjunction with micro-needling become more and more popular in delivering best clinical results. This synergetic combination is called “Gel Needle Lifting” where skin boosters offer skin hydration and plumping along with collagen stimulating and skin-resurfacing properties of micro-needling technique.

Also, complementing skin boosters with muscle-relaxing injections for wrinkle reducing purpose improves respond to Hyaluronic acid through muscle relaxation.

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