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15% off Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP therapy consists of the use of growth factors, obtained from patient’s blood to provide effective rejuvenation treatment with eliminating the risks of side effects or rejection reaction.

10 Dermalux treatments for price of 8

Dermalux® systems ensure ‘optimised’ penetration of light into the skin to energise cellular functions with excellent results for skin rejuvenation, acne and spot prone skin, pigmentation and inflammatory conditions.

30% off STARVAC Technology

(Lymphatic drainage and body contouring treatments) offer

By combining various accessories STARVAC professional device stimulates blood and lymph circulation to assist the body in toxin elimination and subcutaneous tissue unblocking. It aims to aid lipolysis- the elimination of adipose deposits (fat cells) and remodel the body through skin texture and elasticity improvements.
Get 30% off for the course of 10 treatments

Welcome to Novello Skin

At Novello Skin we aim to provide non-surgical enhanced aesthetic solutions for people wishing to improve their appearance and confidence. Our philosophy is to achieve the best results for our clients through high quality services and acting in their best interests.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our working hours,  booking and appointment processes have changed.  We are working on the new website with more space dedicated to the subject. All the updates are sent by email and discussed over the phone. If you have not visited Novello Skin before, we will be conducting an initial video consultation first to establish the best and safest way to continue your journey with us. 

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments have become one of the most frequently performed procedures in aesthetic medicine. At Novello Skin we appreciate that it can be difficult to find the right treatment, the right practitioner and most importantly ensuring that the treatment is safe and effective.   This is why support and dedicated, lawful practice of medical practitioners is important.

All consultations and procedures are performed by a qualified and skilled practitioner with years of experience in aesthetic industry and health care. It is our job to ensure the best care is offered to our patients during their ‘journey’ with Novello Skin.

"Very pleased with the result. The clinic has a professional and customer focused approach. I highly recommend their services."
"Yuliya is obviously very highly skilled in her profession. The results speak for themselves as you leave the salon looking and feeling amazing. A very relaxing experience in professional surroundings. I strongly recommend visiting here, you won't be disappointed. Can't wait for my next treat ☺"
"Result was 100% better than I was expecting.”
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